Vladimir Konovalov (1987) was born in Mariupol, in an industrial town on the Azov sea shore in Ukraine. Since very childhood he was capable of noticing most delicate, picturesque and vivid elements of nature despite growing up in a grey routine of one of the most polluted industrial towns in Ukraine. "Back then i didn't know how to portray the beauty I could see and show it to the others”, says the artist. Vladimir finished two art schools learning drawing, painting and sculpturing techniques, but neither of these techniques seemed to have the necessary tools he needed to transform his visions into form.

During his early architectural studies at Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and courses at Architectural Association School of Architecture in Shanghai, Vladimir developed the interest in photography which appeared to be a perfect medium that allowed him to portray his vision of the nature. By observing urban life and nature, experimenting with subjects and techniques Vladimir found his own distinctive way of showing his vision of the world, his perception of time and beauty and sharing it with the rest of us.

Vladimir's photography shows his personal vision of the world, the way he experiences it. It aims at presenting the beauty of world influenced by artist's own feeling of nostalgia and solitude. His photographs take viewers the place away from a routine and chaos, to the magic place filled with peacefulness and solitude, where you can almost feel a light touch of the wind on your cheeks. This imaginary world is all about you and the universe surrounding you with its beauty and harmony.

Selected Photography Awards:
2013 - International Photography Awards / 6 Honorable Mention Awards
2011 - International Photography Awards / 8 Honorable Mention Awards
2010 - PX3 Paris / 1st Place in Seasons Category & Honorable Mention Award
2009 - International Photography Awards / 4 Honorable Mention Awards

Selected Publications in Books:
2012 - Book of Creation, France
2011 - One Life Art Book, USA

Selected Exhibitions:
2014 - ArtReal, Vienna, Austria
2013 - Inspired by Holland, Moscow, Russia
2010 - Real Virtuality, Vienna, Austria
2009 - Something Different, NY, USA
2009 - 6th Bienalle of Art Photography, Odessa, Ukraine

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